Took my new fitness tracker for a spin at Aikido tonight.  One of the reports shows "Heart rate zones" but has clearly left out the DANGER ZONE

This coat is bombproof.  6 degrees and raining outside and just wearing a T-shirt under this kept me nice and warm.  Those Dutch know how to make a winter coat!

A bit of pondering in the thinkpod

Don't divekick old ladies!

December 19th, 2014 Permalink

Don't divekick old ladies!

My favorite place for torikatsu with the added bonus of being in a super shady part of Shibuya

A little ride on the ubiquitous "puppy bus"

My traditional post Aikido meal.  It's like I'm in a Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright movie

Cow B!

December 10th, 2014 Permalink

Cow B!

BREAKIN THE LAW, BREAKIN THE LAW!Judas Priest at Budokan...should be epic.

The unfiltered view from my office window.  Definitely autumn in Tokyo.